Tartaric Acid knows as diamond of wine

21Abstract: Just open a bottle of wine, cork attached to the dense small pieces of broken glass, which is tartaric acid, there is a nice name – wine diamonds. Like all organic acids, it comes from the grape berry color period, which is formed by the respiration of green components in the plant and belongs to a precipitate of fermented grape juice, but it does not affect the quality of the wine.

The word “tartar” for some of the friends may be some strange. “Tartar” why, how is it formed?

Wine crystals – the formation of tartar, the main ingredient is from the wine tartaric acid (Tartaric Acid), because the wine is stored in a particularly cold environment. The shape of the tartar crystals, there is no certain law, and sometimes sticky, usually attached to the bottom of the bottle, the shoulder or appear at the bottom of the cork.

Grape more cooked, the higher the proportion of tartaric acid. The longer the grapes grow on the vines, the longer the time to absorb more minerals from the soil, and the mineral that encounters tartaric acid produces tartar. These crystals will not be integrated with the wine, but the precipitation in the wine bottle wall, the bottom of the bottle, oak or early precipitation in the wine barrels. White wine tartaric acid appearance, looks quite like white sugar, and red wine of the crystal stone, then showing a blood-like purple crystals, and there is not easy to detect the acidity.

Vintage stone does not affect the quality of the wine. However, there is a very interesting link: wine, the fermentation process is relatively slow, the wine aroma is protected very well. The slower the fermentation process is, the less the tartar is precipitated in the bucket and the more it is in the bottle. As a result, the tartar in the bottle may be the mark of the excellent work of the winemaker and the excellent quality of the wine.

Wine inside the crystallization is not a quality problem, it is not only harm, but the wine in the fermentation process and mature process, especially in the process of maturity will produce substances, is a sign of mature wine. Because the impact of wine taste of the unstable material has been separated from the wine, so that the wine becomes more pure, more stable taste structure, taste and more mellow lubrication. Only the quality of high quality wine will have a precipitate that is tartar. Clean, transparent wine may also appear sediment – crystal stone (Wine Crystals). If the wine appears such a situation, it will not affect the taste of wine, but after the formation of crystalline stone can not be dissolved to restore.

The “gem” in the wine will also be found in the young wines, which proves that the mineral content of the wine is particularly high. But most of them still exist in the older, the quality of particularly high in the wine. If the tartar is precipitated on the oak stopper or the bottle, it is a sign of prolonged storage. Experts call it “old tartar”, the crystallization of large, is slowly produced over time.

Post time: Mar-28-2017
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