13 Years Manufacturer Diethyl L(+)-Tartrate Supply to Argentina

13 Years Manufacturer
 Diethyl L(+)-Tartrate Supply to Argentina

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CAS NO.:87-91-2 Name:D(-)-Tartaric Acid Function:

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13 Years Manufacturer Diethyl L(+)-Tartrate Supply to Argentina Detail:

CAS NO.:87-91-2

Name:D(-)-Tartaric Acid



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13 Years Manufacturer
 Diethyl L(+)-Tartrate Supply to Argentina detail pictures

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    #1 A solution containing a polar solvent and a polar solute: Common name- Water and Sugar. Chemical name: H2O and Glucose. Pour into glass and mix together.
    #24 a Bronsted-Lowry acid: Common name- Gain Fabric Softener. Chemical Formula- Na2B4O7x10H20
    #11 An Arrhenius base: A substance that when added to water it increases the number of OH- ions in the water. Common name- Clorox High Efficiency Bleach Cleaner. Chemical name- Sodium Hydrochlorite. Chemical formula- NaClO.
    #10 An Arrhenius Acid: a substance that when added to water increases the concentration of H+ ions present. Benalkonium chloride.
    #15 A homogeneous mixture: a mixture which has a uniform composition and properties throughout. Common name- Coffee
    #19 A brief statement about the chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry the year your oldest sibling was born. 1991, Richard R. Ernst.
    #41 Evidence that you performed a paper chromatography experiment: Chromatography that uses paper strips or sheets as the absorbent stationary phase through which a solution flows.
    #29 A product of a synthesis reaction: Rusting of Iron. 4Fe+3O2=2Fe2O3.
    #22 a transition element in period 4: Calcium. Melting point- -0.505 degrees Celsius. Boiling Point:100 degrees celsius. density: 1033 kg/m3. Phase @ room Temp.: 1.027 g/ml
    #4 An ionic compound: common name: table salt. chemical name: NaCl.
    #27 Dilute Acetic Acid: common name-Vinegar. Chemical name-C2H4O2. Molarity-.83m
    #26 A substance containing covalent (molecular) bonds: common name-soap. chemical name-glycerol. Chemical formula-CH3(CH2)16COONa
    #36 a consumer product found in a grocery store that contains more than one acid: Soda
    #3 A mixture of a polar liquid and non polar liquid: Water & Oil separate because oil is less dense than water.
    #37 A weak organic acid: Common name: Citric Acid. Chemical name:2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid. Chemical Formula- C6O8H7
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    #39 A substance containing TiO2: M&M’s
    #40 A compound composed of an alkali metal and a halogen: Chemical name-Alkali Batteries. Chemical Formula-Zn(s)+2MnO2(s)+MN2O3(s) [e=1.43V]. Common use- energy.
    #25 A substance containing covalent (molecular) bonds. common name: Baking soda. Chemical Name: Sodium hydrogen carbonate. Chemical Formula: NaHCO3
    #28 a substance with 35 neutrons in its nucleus: Copper
    #47 A sample of polyvinyl chloride: Polymer-a substance that has a molecular structure consisting of a large number of similar units bonded together.
    #33 when dissolved, this substance is endothermic: Common name:Urea. Chemical Name: Carbomide. Chemical Formula: CH4N2O. Molar Mass- 60.07 g/Mol. Urea is found in urine. (PEE)
    #45 An Aqueous solution of an electrolyte: electrolyte-a liquid or gel that contains ions. Common Name-Salt Water. Chemical Name- NaClH2O. Chemical Formula- NaCl(s)=Na(s)+Cl(aq). Molar Mass-58.5 g/mol.
    #13 A chemistry cartoon from the internet
    #29 A product of a synthesis reaction: 3H2+N2=2NH3. ammonia, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen.
    #31 semi metal: Common name: silicone. commonly used for rubber bracelets and plastic surgery.

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